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Ben Ford has played squash at a high level (World Top 85 and England Top 20). He has also coached professionally for over 12 years at all levels from absolute beginners, in schools and universities, county standard and professional players. With this experience he has seen how important good quality coaching is to every players progression at whatever standard they are playing.

Ben is available to coach at Bexley lawn tennis and squash club for £40 for 45 minutes. 


Squash is my life. Not only does it make me incredibly happy but it is my full time profession. I am from a lineage of squash players and have played squash since a young child. I am currently coaching full time. This includes coaching individually and groups. I mentor young budding squash players and have some juniors in the top ranks. I am also in the circuit and am playing for the middlesex league. 


My name is Chand Channa. I can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from my professional background. Born in Pakistan, I was a PSA player on the pro circuit for more than 20 years.  I have achieved a World Ranking of 255. I have also coached all levels from juniors to those preparing to enter the pro circuit for 10 years.

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